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Christoph - Yungie
H2 Architects
As major advances in mankind are often spurred by a series of small observations or inventions, H2 Architects believes that design excellence is achieved in a similar manner.  H2 pays attention to the smallest detail without losing site of the big picture and is able to apply seemingly disparate experiences to create cohesive designs that function from the human to the grand scale.  Each project demands a unique solution that H2 is able to provide through their thoughtful and highly evolved design sensibility.
H2's commitment to design excellence is enhanced by over 40 years of cumulative experience of the principals working internationally, within different firms, and with a variety of different clients. Their clients include real estate developers, property owners, building managers, business owners, movie producers, retailers, fashion designers, historic community facilities, coops, and private individuals.  In every project, H2 grasps client’s needs, analyzes constraints, finds opportunities, and seeks to create a dynamic design that functions within the parameters of the site, context, and budget.  Clients are repeatedly surprised, challenged, and excited by H2’s designs and enjoy the collaborative experience of working together.  H2 understands that one cannot rely on inspiration alone and that attention to details, feasibility, and constructability are essential to the success of their projects.  
H2 has incorporated sustainable practices in their projects for the past decade and is LEED, New York State and New York City MWBE certified.
Yungie Hahn's background and education led her into the fields of astrophysics, bio-medical engineering and robotics before becoming an architect. She has worked for R.M. Kliment Frances Halsband Architects and Pompei A.D., both in New York City, Christoph Mackler Architect in Frankfurt and Kramm+Strigl in Darmstadt, Germany. Her work for these firms includes large-scale government/public buildings, mixed-use commercial developments, university planning and feasibility studies, retail stores, and commercial office renovations. Exhibitions include Landmark Tower/U2 Studio, Dublin, Ireland. Awards include Construction Specifications Institute, First Place, for comprehensive building technical college in 2001/2002 and juror at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Yungie received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from MIT and a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University.
Christoph Härter is a third-generation architect educated and trained in Germany. His work with Prendergast Laurel Architects, New York, includes award winning designs for museums, libraries, and firehouses. Prior to moving to New York, Christoph worked for Harald Härter Architects and Severain Architects, Both in Frankfurt. Exhibitions include Deutscher Werkbund in Frankfurt and Piazza della Vittorian in Germonio, Italy. Published work includes Das Journal. Christoph was appointed in 2003 to the Design Award Jury for the Society of American Registered Architects and a juror at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Christoph received his Master of Architecture from the THD-University of Darmstadt, Germany.