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Landmark Tower/U2 Studio Design Competition, Britain Quai, Dublin, Ireland.
104,087 SF gross area
The competition site’s location at the intersection of the River Liffey and the River Dodder suggested to H2 Architects the design of a welcoming landmark beacon for seafaring visitors to the city of Dublin.  The new building signifies the restoration of this historic area as well as its renaissance into a new civic destination sustained by a combination of public and private, commercial and residential uses.  
The proposed building is a tower anchored to the corner of the site by a glass and steel platform.  The River Dodder cuts into the site, bringing the water into the Public Plaza and serving as a reminder of its former role in supporting the livelihood of the city.  The dichotomy of historic verses contemporary materials merging within the building further symbolizes the transformation of the Grand Canal into modern times.
The commercial uses are located in the platform and the residential and U2 Studio functions are located in the tower.  The building can be entered from either the Britain Quay side or through the Plaza on the River Dodder.  A separate glass enclosed entrance to the residential tower is also accessed from both sides of the building.  The Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub is located at the opposite end of the base from the tower with its own separate entrance at the South end of the building. 
The platform is divided into two parts.  The base is grounded along the Britain Quay side and wraps around the southern end of a floating two-story glass box overlooking the Plaza on the River Dodder side.  The transparency provided by the glass and steel construction of the base is moderated by louvered panels wrapping around the upper stories of the base.  The lenticular glass of the floating box obscures the view into the building from the outside but permits views to the exterior from the inside. 
The tower element is also divided into two parts.  A metal-skin façade sweeps around the stone tower core located at the Northwest corner.  Exterior sliding screens add layers of texture to the façade as well as provide darkness in the bedrooms.  All apartments have balconies and share a rooftop garden located on the platform. 
The U2 Studio occupies the top two floors of the Tower with a 3600 sf wrap-around terrace on the top floor.  The soaring roof is optimized for acoustical effects.
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